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Christmas Special: Best Christmas Gift for Your Man 2010

Behind every successful man is a loving and supportive woman. It’s that time of the year when every woman is fussing on what gift to buy for their special someone. We, women, are a bit choosy and complicated because we know we want that perfect gift for our man. If you are his mother, sister, lover, friend, girlfriend, fiancĂ©e or wife, then this article would really be helpful to you.

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Choice 1: Handy Gadgets

Boys will be boys. Handy gadgets may be both for gamers and for busy men. You can always give him one because he’s going to need it sooner or later. These gadgets may include:
  • iPad or Blackberry Pad
  • Kindle
  • Palm phone
  • iPhone, iTouch or any Apple product
  • Play Station Portable(PSP) or Play Station Portable Go(PSP Go)
  • Professional Camera
  • Voice Recorder (would be very useful for future expeditions)
Choice 2: Smoke

Boys usually love to smoke but I discourage you to buy this kind of gift if you want him to live a good and healthy life. Avoid buying this if you have kids under the age of seven or eight at home. This gift is consumable and he might not remember receiving such gift from you because within the two days of smoking in the cold weather, he might have consumed all of it. But if this is what he wants, then go ahead. Let him preserve the box to let him remember that you gave him something he wanted for Christmas.

Choice 3: Sport related Items

He must be a sporty, fit and healthy guy! Buying him a gift related to sports would include:
  • Tickets to a game. It may be wrestling, football, basketball, etc.
  • A jacket or jersey to a particular team he loves.
  • A special ball or material he would use in playing the sports he love such as badminton rackets, baseball bat, soccer ball, golf club, etc.
  • Sports bag where he could put all his extra clothes and shoes in.
Choice 4: Clothes

There are all sorts of clothes that you can buy with his favorite color such as:
  • Coat
  • Jacket
  • Jersey
  • Shirt
  • Polo or Polo shirt
  • A special necktie would also fit for his everyday use that would go especially with his business attire.
  • Shorts or Pants would also be fine.
If you are unsure of his size, don’t hesitate to ask him to go shopping with you and pick him that perfect shirt or pants for him. I know he wouldn’t mind as long as you tell him you want to buy him something that would fit him.

Choice 5: Computer related

There is nothing wrong with being a geek or a nerd because having him being like that is cool. They are smart and know a lot such as photo editing for sitting too much in front of the computer. If he is whatever you say he is, then here are some computer gadgets you can buy for him:
  • 100GB or 500GB External Hard Drive
  • 24 inch Flat Screen Monitor
  • Speakers
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Accessories such as USB extension
  • Laptop
  • Or having some parts of his computer fixed or upgraded.
Choice 6: Home Appliances

This may be off the budget but if you have saved up for this since forever, this is the perfect time to give him a big surprise and in a few months he may have to be responsible for taking care of maintaining it. Here are some examples of home appliances that he would love:
  • Sony Bravia 3D
  • Air condition
  • Heater
  • Lawn Mower
  • Washing Machine (What he needs this for? It also includes buying it for yourself. It’s an excuse for not letting him bring the dirty clothes to a Laundromat.)
Choice 7: Yourself

This would be the most precious and interesting gift he would receive. There are a couple of things you can do with giving yourself as a present such as:
  • Dress up and look pretty for him. Prepare a lovely dinner with his favorite dish inside or outside your house and turn it into a candle lit dinner.
  • Prepare seductive lingerie and have a second honeymoon planned in a wonderful hotel with great destination spots for both of you to visit.
  • Bring back the memories of how and where you two met. Also recall all those sweet and lovely memories and promises both of you have made.
  • Don’t let him ruin your plan and don’t let him know any of it. You have the power to make a spectacular and unforgettable Christmas this year.
Have a jolly Christmas everyone, from the International Business Development team. We hope to hear more of your business queries, quests and success next year!



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